The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:84

Sunday, I woke from a dream where I was rubbing Donald Trump’s feet and telling him everything was going to be all right. More about this in a bit.

I believe the current great work of humanity is to remember we are all One. This not easy work as we are living in the age of dis-information. It’s often difficult to track the truth, and so many of us rely on specific outlets we trust for our information. These outlets however create potential silos of information bias and manipulation. As time goes on, the tools and manipulation are more sophisticated. I’ve withdrawn from social media several times for short periods because I find it all very disturbing.

Intelligent loving beings that I know believe in things I find appalling and at times terrifying. Of course, not everything I see I disagree with which complicates matters. Regardless, we continue to see master manipulators use technologies to push an agenda. And often that agenda is to perpetuate chaos because information is Power.

Why do we believe what we believe?

Innate in all of us is a strong need to belong. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in harmony with others.  Many of us get this from the culture we’re raised in. Others choose different cultural beliefs systems, religions, political perspectives, etc. Society relies on the rules and prescriptive measures of organizations to thrive. It’s a double-edged sword though, when we put our faith into external entities, we lose an amount of autonomy and personal agency.

During the pandemic I’ve watched a bunch of cult documentaries, fascinated with why people do what they do. NXIVM, Scientology, Heavens Gate, Rajneesh (wild country), Mormonism … Many showed how easy it is to become seduced by an ideology, offering new ways of thinking that bring a feeling of empowerment and belonging. Although as an outsider, at some point I saw a moral line being crossed. In all cases there are those with power over others, the oppressed and the oppressors. Regardless, people stay in systems that abuse them. Control is paramount to the organizations success and fear is used regularly as a strategy to keep followers in line. These tactics are also true with mainstream religions. How far will we go for what we believe? All the wars fought in the name of God, the pedophilia, sexism, racism… We still confuse God with religion. To be clear, religion is culture.

Who are we without our belief systems? Having full control of our agency is hella scarry. Without following external rules, interpretations, or doctrines, we are left to our own decision making.  We get confused sometimes about what decisions are coming from Love and what are coming from fear. I believe in the laws of attraction and where we place our focus either helps or harms us. What you damn, damns you back. Damning creates separation, the major bane of humanity. I’m not saying lay down and do nothing, or only wish for things to be different. Absolutely call out atrocities; March in peace; Vote! Knowing when we start from Love anything is possible.

Back to why I was rubbing Donald Trump’s feet. My intention was for him to stay calm and allow for a peaceful transfer of power.

From the beginning of his presidency, I have sent him love and hope for heart opening. I disagree with many of his behaviors and actions and believe he is incompetent for the role he took on. He is however a master manipulator who found himself in the wrong place at the right time to perform his trickery. We are no doubt a nation divided, and he took advantage. His administration was built on racism. He lured the Christian right in by pretending to be pro-life. He promised freedom to those who could not see they were already free. He is an emperor with no clothes. And just by repeating the election was stolen, his followers believe him. Because if they didn’t it would undermine their beliefs.

As a nation we have 8 days until the inauguration. May we all send thoughts of peace and light to the white house and to those who feel disenfranchised to the point of anarchy against democracy. And may we all have compassion for those who think differently than us. I don’t miss the irony in what I’m saying. I too am pushing my bias, hoping to convince you that Love wins.

To repeat, I believe the current great work of humanity is to remember we are all One. This not easy work. We either work to bring us all together or work for exclusion. Love or Fear.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

The Waning Balsamic Moon moves toward darkness


There are rich experiences both in both shadow and light. It’s all about actively balancing our existence in the world. Stay aware of the shadow but focus on the light.