The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:83

Practical Life and Death

We continue to feed a lot of birds daily, mostly songbirds. We also have quail and pheasants. As of today, there are 2 pheasants left, down from 10. All refugees from hunting season that ended November 30th. Because of their stately presence I decided to name them. I did it based on how many are around. If there is just one it is always Chester, with 2 they are Chester and Henry, 3 are Chester, Henry and Joe, and so on…

Earlier, as I was walking toward the wetland a hawk flew low in front of me. They have been mercilessly chasing the pheasants. Sure enough, I looked to where the hawk had come from and there was a newly killed pheasant, it was Joe.

Joe lay there lifeless, and I said a little prayer for him. He was mostly intact and so beautiful; nature is the best designer. I decided to take some of his feathers so his beauty could live on. I thought the hawk might come back to finish him but he didn’t, so a few hours later I brought Joe down to the wetlands and placed him on a fence post. I thanked him for providing food for other animals and left him.

A little later as I was pruning, Chester and Henry showed up down the hill from me. I ran to get them some food. Normally if I’m outside they stay at least 30 yards away. I put down some food and Chester walked right up. I sat down and told him I was sorry for his loss. I have no idea what the consciousness of a pheasant is, they seem dense. Regardless, I believe God is in all of us, and we all deserve recognition and love.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon. The Waning Balsamic Moon moves toward darkness.


The Universe is within us. Feel the power and the glory of our connection to spirit. As we speak from our hearts, we open our minds to the power of the collective love that is the Universe.

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