The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:85

Practical Life

It’s amazing how topsy turvy life can feel without electricity for 36 hours. Routines become broken and we use our home differently. It’s good to shake things up. Then there is the fridge. According to the FDA a fridge will keep food cold for 4 hours, a freezer 48 hours, both if unopened. I checked the freezer as soon as the power came on and many things were unfrozen, although still cold. Time for a good cleaning.

The biggest aha of any power outage is how stuck we feel without the internet for entertainment and media.


Speaking of being stuck, many years ago I was in a meeting and was pointing out everything I didn’t like about whatever it was we were discussing. Someone said, ok, we get it; tell us what you do like? The question stopped me in my tracks. I could not bring myself to think about what I liked. My rational mind knew there were things I liked however the lens I was looking through only saw what was wrong. I was in an unconscious loop. This awakened something in me of how easy it is to become stuck.

When all we hear is the chanting of what’s wrong, it’s time to listen elsewhere. Especially when it comes to politics.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the moon. The waxing moon increases in light moving toward crescent


We continue a hero’s journey, grateful for our shadowy past, knowing it does not define us.  


Expand with the light.