The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:82

A lot has happened in the last few months both locally and globally. We are 9 Days into the new year and I’ve seen many folks wishing they’d canceled this years 7-day trial before it expired.

Practical Life

Locally on Sunshine Lane we’ve experienced lots of rain and wind events causing us to regularly clear drains and pick up of tree debris. We had 3 wind related power outages last week, but luckily we now have water when the power goes out. Our neighbor whom we share a well with put in a generator for the well. Many people on the island have generators, we don’t and are so far ok with the occasional darkness.

There is an upward wind trend. The wind summary for our area (Skunk Bay), stated 2020 had 7,530 minutes of winds over 30mph, where 2019 had 4,455, and 2018 had 3,795. Happily, we did massive tree trimming in November and the trees are flexible and strong.

In other practical news, the van got new tires, the dishwasher keeps breaking, and we started our list of what to do and buy in 2021.

Practical for the heart, I made a bunch of crafty things in prep for the holidays which felt good. Sam, Ruby and Amalia came up from Seattle for Christmas after quarantining. We had a lovely time, hanging out, playing lots of games and eating very, very, well.


I love this time of year. I like to spend the time between Jan1 and the lunar new year reflecting on the past year and thinking about the coming one. I write down both gratitude’s for the prior year and initial intentions for the current one.  This year the lunar/Chinese New Year is February 12th, always the second new moon of the year.  On that day I’ll collate all my notes and pick the intentions I want to focus on, with ways in which I will make them happen. I place them in my journal and over the year I revisit them.  My intentions always have to do with the wellbeing of my Body-Mind-Spirit. Never a new car, or face lift.

Y’all have a full month to start on your own vision quest if you want to join me.

The new year is also a great time to do a vision board, start a journal or create art.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon. Waning Moon is Balsamic.


We are intrepid travelers, chased by shadows. Release all that keep us in the past.


Look at the bounty we bring forward.
In all things great and small we see the beauty of the divine expression.
With Gratitude, always.