The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:65

Practical Life

Shit continued to explode yesterday. Last night we watched the pockets of destruction happening around the world from the comfort of our home.

What to do and not do?

The attached video is from a protest. It offers a perspective that needs to be heard. I have been struggling with how to fight racism. What is my fight and what is not? What is the appropriate response for white people? And what’s our motivation? I don’t want to screw things up because I feel bad. Guilt is a powerful motivator. But guilt as a motivator doesn’t solve the problems of racism, it changes the focus to be about making the guilty ones feel better.

Regardless of my intentions, I’ll wake up tomorrow with the unfair advantage of being White in America.

What to do and not do?

Meanwhile our neighbor has been shooting their pistol all day, and its LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. We moved to the country thinking it was a peaceful place…


Onto our 5-minute meditation that follows the phases of the Moon.  The waxing Moon increasing in light moving from First Quarter toward Gibbous.

Observe where your focus is now. How does it feel? If we want a new result focus on something different. We know the power of our mind; use it.


Be here now, pay attention and feel any newness.
This is our time to contemplate our existence.
Be here now.
Pay attention to the waves of our breath.
With each breath give thanks to our body from our toes to our head.
The expansion is coming be patient with the reveal.