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The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:66

The story of America is not a pretty one. This video is hard to watch because of its truth.

It’s a terrible beautiful time.  The people are rising for justice and equality. Some, still in the shadows are holding on *tight. Those coming out of the shadows are horrified they’ve allowed the inequality for so long.

Finally, we are experiencing a crisis of consciousness. 

This is Act 1 of the revolution: Acknowledgement

We fucked up. We can’t breathe. Racism is the igniter.

It’s been a long slow burn. Somewhere in our history Love became a weakness and the concept of “power over” became the mantra. The majority of public systems in place support some form of racism, sexism and bigotry. These were built by the white patriarchy. The patriarchy’s primary focus is control and power over others.  The systems are not designed to help humans thrive. They are designed to let very few have all the power.  The industrial complexes run the country; corporations and the military. Together they profit financially from maintaining socially detrimental or inefficient systems.  Together they keep the focus on the resulting chaos, perpetuating the perception for the need of more control.

The US is 5% of the world’s population and we have 25% of the world’s jails. Lap that shit up.

Timing is key. The Earth can’t breathe. It gave us the corona virus where the people can’t breathe. Mother nature knows exactly what it’s doing. Forcing us to stop and sit in place. This gave us the time we needed to reflect on what Matters. Then we saw the knee on the neck of George Floyd, ending his life.  That act finally tipped the scales for those still in the shadows to acknowledge we had created societal systems that don’t allow people of color to breathe. Black Lives Matter.


We are done talking. Some want solutions right now. Some are springing into action. Some are still chewing on it; how will they be part of the solution. Some can’t *see the problem.

Happy people do not kill each other.

* If you’re not convinced that the country needs a makeover, review the Black history of this country. Here are a few of the good movies available:
I Am Not your Negro Based on James Baldwins works, a journey into black history that connects the Civil Rights movement to Black Lives Matter.
 13th the building of the prison industrial complex.
Selma The story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic struggle to secure voting rights for all people.

Lest we forget The Dark history of Native Americans.


Onto our 5 minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

Waning moon decreasing in light moving toward Third Quarter


Resurrect what has always been ours.


Sit in silence
Bring our consciousness to our hearts
Imagine resurrecting Love
See and feel what grows

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