The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:64

Practical Life

 We woke to thunderous skies, rolling into our sleep, shaking us awake with its growling howling claps of anger. Excited for the intensity we sat with coffee in our comfortable living room as it screamed its way across the world. The anger didn’t stop with the storm as we read about protests against racism and inequality.

Even the birds were in synch with the discordance. First it was a small bird chirping and clicking incessantly, something was wrong. I was putting dishes away when I heard it at the window. I opened the kitchen door to see what the disturbance was about. I looked close by and didn’t see anything so closed the door. Again, they insisted to be heard. I opened the door and again saw nothing unusual, but I really wasn’t looking, just responding to the noise.

Then a few minutes later, larger, louder voices joined in. These could not be ignored. This time I went out into the driveway and walked up the hill toward the loudest sounds in the grove of tall fir trees. I only saw the hysteria until I stopped focusing on the noise and quietly observed.

At first it was a soft shadow lost in the trees. Then slight movement brought the cause into focus. The Crows cawing as loudly as they could with Robins and smaller birds all screaming for their lives and their babies. There it was, looming, silent. A great horned Owl. The smaller birds all worked together to push away the predator. They dive bombed the Owl, protesting as loudly as they could. It’s here, don’t you see it? Come chase it away with us.

Now aware of my presence, the Owl flew to a different branch out of my view, trying to stay hidden. I moved to a better vantage point. Looking over its shoulder at me, again it moved to be hidden. It was big, it could crush any one of these other birds, but the other birds know that when they band together, they have a chance. Maybe not in defeating it, because the Owls nature is to prey on others. But by calling attention to it, maybe it will move on.

This is the dance of injustice. It stays hidden until awareness is brought to it.

I’m a metaphor person, always looking for synchronicity and connection. How many times do we need to open the door before we act for justice? Our world is discordant right now, maybe it always has been. Unfortunately, we are born into a racist society. Equality requires the focus stay on correcting the injustice of racism and not the noise created by the awareness. Bias establishes racism, it is driven by fear. Fear has many collaborators and is used as a strategy that can be louder than potential solution. Often fear points the finger in the wrong direction. To be clear, Racism is the problem. I wish I had solutions. All I know is that when we act, it’s either from Love or Fear.


Onto our 5-minute meditation that follows the phases of the Moon.  The waxing Moon increasing in light moving from First Quarter toward Gibbous.


Our theme today is “Welcome and Release”. Welcome our best intentions with no attachment to how they show up. Listen carefully to our higher will, surrender to change for the best and highest good. See our ego, and release what we can shake off and make peace with what we can’t. If met with muddled thinking, imagine moving up and the confusion falling away, leaving us only with our vision. Now is the time to embody letting go and Welcome – balanced spirit, emotion, and intellect. Be in alignment and create a flow towards our intentions.


We step in and see ourselves in our vision. Our oneness.