Jesse Schell-DICE 2010

Jesse gave an entertaining and informative talk “Design outside the Box

He spoke about the playing field for the online world and how reality is everywhere, not just in games.

Facebook, it was unexpected and is not like other retail models. Factoid: There are more Farmville players than twitter accounts.

Some online gaming successes are attributed to what he calls the elastic velvet rope; aka psychological tricks.

  • WebKins- Promote virtual animals and stuffed animals are real (truly kids believe this)
  • Club Penguin-Get’m hooked with free stuff and then start charging for extras.
  • Mafia games- Using your real friends to play games and compete with.
  • If you spend time on things it must be valuable.

He cites the book “Authenticity” – Gilmore and Pine, the premise is about what consumers really want.

The most valuable thing in products today is whether they are real/authentic. Why now? All of the virtual stuff that has crept up over the years has cut us off from nature. We live in a bubble of fake.

He believes in technological divergence not convergence; with the exception of the pocket devices. Phones are like a Swiss army knife- including not appropriate for the kitchen.

He has a funny diatribe around point systems from ear buds influencing your dreams to digital tattoo advertising competition.

Jesse Schell-DICE 2010