Keep it Together

The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:94

It’s been a minute. The SO staff has been observing. Thinking about what, if anything, to write.

In review, 2021 swung wide between Joy and Despair.

Division kept dividing us. Nature showed her power. People doubled down on their beliefs… The year left kicking and screaming dragging Betty White with it.

We did have pockets of Joy. Bernie and his mitten meme’s. New views from Mars. Ted Lasso.

And, the Nation survived a coup, sort of. William Shatner made it to space, sort of. Racial inequality is equalizing, sort of, ok not really.

Most Joy reported came from that which we hold dear, family, friends, communities and blessed mother nature. Reminding us that loved ones are our everything.

On to 2022!


Siting in meditation about 2022 brought images of armor. Protect what we love. Not what we think to be right or wrong, or a battle. Be present for what we love.

Balance and center on love.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the moon.

The waning balsamic moon moves toward darkness. Tomorrow is the first new moon of the year.


There are rich experiences both in both shadow and light. Stay aware of the shadow but focus on the light. See the light within radiating out, touching everything it encounters.

Keep it Together