The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:73

Practical Life

911 service in Washington State is currently down. King 5 has a link to alternative #’s depending on where you live I just added a few to my contacts.

Another gloomy morning and glorious afternoon on the lane. We went for a walk along one of the 3 dikes in the wetland. Wow, it’s a beautiful world.

In other not news, I’ve named the 2 male pheasants that have been hanging around Chester and Henry. We’ve been throwing a little cracked corn out for them. When we first moved here, there was a single male that wandered about. At the time I thought pheasants were naturally wild here. He was however a refugee from the fish and wildlife fall release program. He lasted a few winter months past hunting season. He and a Butterscotch colored bunny hung around together. One day they were just gone, likely a coyote food.

On that happy note…


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

The waxing moon increases in light moving toward first quarter. On Sunshine Lane, the Moon rises at 2:40 pm 128⁰ SE and sets at 11:00 pm 233⁰ SW.


Consciousness is our superpower – direct it accordingly


Ditch the party line.


The moon, she is split

Shadow and light

Toward illumination