harry belafonte

I recently watched “Sing Your Song” a documentary about Harry Belafonte; a must see. I always imagined Harry as a kind man, although was not familiar with anything other than his music or Hollywood celebrity. The movie portrays a gracious man driven to make the world a better place especially for those who struggle. He does this by bringing awareness to political and humanitarian causes. He has worked closely with global thought leaders and has been instrumental in the success of some very important movements and moments in time that have moved social justice forward.

Harry bailed Martin Luther King Jr. out of the Birmingham jail… Can you imagine?

In the movie he recounts a conversation he’d had with King about how they should engage Bobby Kennedy to gain support for civil rights issues in the US. King suggested finding Kennedy’s moral center and willing him towards their cause. They did this by introducing Kennedy to people in poverty in the US. This exposure awakened a consciousness in Kennedy which led to his advocacy of civil rights.

It’s very sad to think of how King and Kennedy were assassinated within 2 months of each other in 1968. I was a child and remember how devastating this was for so many people. Harry’s strong conviction kept him moving forward continuing to awaken the consciousness of the world.

Harry is my new role model.

harry belafonte