A few weeks ago I was sitting around a fire with good friends discussing how we could benefit the world. One friend* made the wise statement “we need leadership, not more leaders”.

Since then, I have been pondering the importance of leadership as well as our loyalty to beliefs.

We live in an amazing time when people have 24 hour access to most of the world; whether it’s information, communication, shopping… We’re not always wise about how we use this privilege, and may be holding onto old thinking structures that no longer serve us.

What’s the tipping point for questioning beliefs?

Of late, structured organizations including politics, pedagogies, and religions have fallen prey to offensive positioning and are continually reactive, unable to maintain balance and move society forward. We, individually, are a part of these structures. Many of us watch on the side lines as if in a post-accident state, resembling gawkers with our fingers pointing at the mess. We need to push into rescue mode and help lead humanity.

Our new world demands and deserves individual leadership.

Leadership as defined in Wikipedia: “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task“. In this context the task is to benefit society.

It’s a new world. Let’s be brave and question it, knowing we have the opportunity for individual leadership and communal excellence with resources for positive innovation like never before.

Think like an individual and act for your community.

*This statement came from Leska Fore, one of my sources of wisdom.