The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:96

Winter is an introspective time for many of us. From the beginning of January until the lunar new year, I enjoy dreaming about my intentions for the coming year. Along with the intentions, I review my principals and refresh my manifesto. Currently…

Start from love.

We are each an individual expression of the furnace of creation. Each with a different consciousness of our existence. We decide our story. How we think and feel about everything we encounter. We are only bound by our imagination.

Our attention is the thread of our power. When we start from love our story is beautiful, with no shadow, no opposition. When unbound by culture and what others think, we are free.

Belong to those who bring us joy and when we sing together from love our power is amplified.

This lunar new year is February 1st, the year of the Water Tiger. Tiger energy is known for leadership, strength, justice, sociability, and openness to new experiences. Combined with water: let it flow.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

Still very bright just past full, the waning moon decreases in light.


Imagine arriving at our vision, victorious.
What gifts have we brought to share with the world?