The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:90

Practical Life

We continue to prune. Today it was poplars, forever blackberries and the beautiful pussy willow that sits at the edge of the wetland.  

Meanwhile the dead microwave sits unattended to. We’re still chewing on how it will be replaced, trying not to have it turn into a full kitchen remodel.


Psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and consciousness all swirl together for me. Always thinking about the role culture plays in each, and the metaphors used in connecting concepts.

Last year my Mystery School reading was “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss. Her focus is healing through the chakras and how biography becomes biology. I fully enjoyed exploring the chakras.  Here’s my brief:

Everything is connected… Our Chakras are energy centers and layers of consciousness. They inform each other, our wisdom and perception of reality.

  1. Root chakra- Our connection to tribal culture
  2. Sacral chakra- Our relationships
  3. Solar Plexus- Our external personal power
  4. Heart- Our emotional power and internal relationship
  5. Throat- Our will power/opinion/voice
  6. Third Eye- The power of our mind
  7. Crown- Our spiritual connection

Every Chakra has potential weights created by *attachment to our judgments. The Fifth Chakra brings these to light as we examine our will and lower Chakras. Surrendering our will frees us from our attachments, allowing for new sight.

At the Sixth Chakra, we choose what to draw from in creating our wisdom. Again, we pull our knowledge, experience, and judgment from the lower chakras.

When we release judgements, we begin to realize the freedom to expand our experience and rise in our spiritual evolution. The more we release, the clearer we see there are only ever 2 choices, Love and fear. Everything else is cultural bias.

Without attachments, fear is not possible.

The seventh chakra is our connection and integration with the spiritual realm. The Love and light of spirit comes into our crown chakra and is shared with all chakras below. Through the devotion of pure Love for all that exists, we connect with the Universe and feel our oneness.

*- attachments, judgment, will, opinion, perspective… are all the same.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon. The waxing moon increases in light moving toward full.


Move into your heart, there is no shadow there, no cruelty just Love. Basque in your Love.
Seriously, spend 5 minutes experiencing your Love.