The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:87

I cried when I saw the fireworks display at the nation’s capital last night. I could feel a weight being lifted.

I never felt inclusion with our last president, you were in his club or not. Black or white. But I still sent him love. I consciously tried to stay away from the divisive drama and chaos, knowing love does not care about drama. Knowing where I place my attention brings that thing closer to me.

With our new president, some are happy, some not. It is what it is. Am I going to agree with every action of the new administration, not likely. I will however send them love.

Biden’s current ask of the people is unity. I am all in for unity.  Our great work as a human collective is to remember we are all one. Everything we do should be in service to that.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon. Waxing moon increasing in light toward gibbous.


Our theme today is “Welcome and Release”. Welcome your best intentions with no attachment to how they show up. Listen carefully to your higher will, surrender to change for the best and highest good. Release what was.

Please do the following, when done with an open heart it feels amazing.

Meditation and Exercise

Imagine, your beautiful future in front of you. See the joy, the love, and wellbeing. Now step into that vision, become that vision.