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Practical Life

Last night’s moon set was divine, and today was a lovely sunny day. We went to the local coffee roaster and then for a walk in the forest. Northwest forests are heavenly, so lush and green, and full of fungi.

On the home front, Tom planted fairytale squash this year and they were prolific. Each weigh between 15-25 lbs. We still have 6 left after eating 2 and giving a few to neighbors. Most of what’s left will go to the food bank. They are beautiful, think Cinderella’s coach. And tasty too, like a delicate sweet pumpkin. I baked 17 lb. one earlier to use for a few recipes. My intention was to make a little soup for dinner and use the majority for a sweet squash butter. But… I got a little fast and loose adding thyme. In my attempts to save the soup, I kept adding more squash and broth to thin out the thyme. In the end we have 2 gallons of crappy soup, oyez. Luckily, we have plenty of squash for future butter.


On social note, I am unused to talking to people in person, (Tom doesn’t count). Yesterday I saw an ENT about a little hearing loss. They ran a rapid litany of possible reasons for the loss, nothing serious that I could surmise, but the recital went on and on. I felt like an alien with my first human encounter. My eyes glazed over and all I kept thinking about was if their sweater was cashmere. The reason I bring this up is most conversations I’ve had lately, have been with myself. This surely rings a bell with all 3 of you still reading. Some of us are going to need adult kindergarten when we transition to maskless.

Until then I am coming to terms with my will power being strong. AKA opinionated. My need to inflict my opinion and justify my position is a constant battle, in my head. Sometimes it’s directed at Tom, poor soul, but usually just me and my fictitious prey. I have endless internal arguments, proving my points. It’s exhausting. It’s likely just Covid fatigue. So, when I find myself in a dialog with myself about enlightening another part of myself that supports a differing opinion, I gently tell myself to back the f!!k off. I now understand why people usually have a nutty after 6 months in solitary.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

The waxing moon is gibbous.


All is mind.
Be kind.

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Be Kind