The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:79

Practical Life

Yesterday we had massive excitement because the tree trimmers came to work on the Douglas Firs. Whenever people come with large equipment its immediate adult daycare. Those of us less useful in this situation stand around and marvel at man and machinery.

They used a truck with a 75’ boom lift. It was extended a few times, but the trees still towered over. The guy on the bucket would cut massive limbs, then perch them on the bucket as he maneuvered down to a point where he could safely drop them. Guys on the ground scurried to collect the branches into a massive pile and then tossed them into the chipper. I always think of the movie Fargo when we have a chipper onsite.  Only tree limbs were chipped yesterday, and the smell of the branches and needles was divine.

The wind moves through the trees with ease now. We love them and hope they’ll forgive us for the torture.


I love Angeles Arrien’s Four-Fold Way. The 4 points are:

  • Show up and choose to be present.
  • Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.
  • Tell the truth without blame or judgment.
  • Be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.

Often when I meditate our kitty, Pino, joins me. He snuggles on my lap purring away, bringing joy. Sometimes however he’s not quite committed. He’ll get on my lap and stand there. I’ll pet him, but he doesn’t settle down. It’s awkward for both of us and I eventually kick him off. That’s OK, he made an effort by just showing up.

Meditation can feel awkward sometimes. I’ll sit with the intention to be here now. Then find myself in another time and space just starring out the window or worse running a task list.  While it can feel frustrating, I think of the four-fold way. I’ve shown up, I see my attention is unavailable, and I have an intention I believe in. So, the frustration is from not releasing how the meditation plays out.    


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the moon. The waxing moon has reached the first quarter.


The heart is always open when we have gratitude.