The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:78

Practical Life

We took a walk on the Deer Lagoon dike today. Freaking gorgeous. Bragging photos attached.

In other news, we decided to ditch cable TV and subscribe to YouTube TV. There was a promotional offer that included a free Google TV remote. My beloved likes gadgets and so this tipped the purchasing decision. Before the remote was delivered, we used the mouse to navigate the YouTube TV interface, and it is a crappy interface with a mouse. And we’re no strangers to the 10’ mouse experience.  When the remote was delivered, my beloved spent an hour and a half getting to know it. Eventually he emerged claiming he’d neglected to read the fine print for the device which clearly stated, ”Not recommended for those over 50”. No problems on my end however. “We’ve” since mastered it. I think the overall experience through the Google TV interface is decent.


My uncle Jud died yesterday, the last of my mother’s generation in our family. He was a lovely man and always truly kind to my family. I remember him taking such good care of my aunt who needed much attention before she passed. I thanked him at the time for his devotion and care for her. He replied- my care for her is only caring for myself. That really stuck.

He is remembered fondly.

Often when someone dies comes a reflection of our own lives. Thinking about what we value and where we place our attention. Is there dissonance?

So much of the western lifestyle is about the accumulation of things and status, vs the accumulation of love and friendship. I’ve been very lucky in love and friendships. I am not afraid of death, only of the pain it might cause loved ones. In my dying moments I will hold them all dear. And my hope is that Love will travel with me to the next realm.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

Waxing toward first quarter


Consciousness is our superpower – direct it accordingly.


Welcome Love and kindness.