All Souls

The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:76

Practical Life

We continue to be busy with projects around the property prepping for winter. The wetland path has been a priority. We had some good help this past weekend from Sam who wheelbarrowed 20 loads of wood chips for the path base. I usually do 3 loads before I want to pass out. The elevation between the pile and the wetland is about 60 feet which doesn’t sound like a lot until you walk it repeatedly pushing or pulling something.


It is all Souls day. A day to connect with our ancestors and Loved ones. I assembled the altar pictured above in honor of them. The pillars are candles that my family created for those who have passed on. The oldest is for my father who left this earth 26 years ago, followed by my mother a year later. We loved them dearly. With broken hearts we decorated the candles with images of them. Now we light them whenever we want to be close.

Creative soulful therapy is good for us. Make a candle for something lost, or a beautiful vision of the future. Make one for nature, missing hugs, or aspirations. Just do it from love. Directions below*.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

Still very bright, the waning moon decreases in light.  


It is a time for Love.
To gratefully remember love given and received.

. . . . . . . ( o ) . . . . . . .

*Candle Soul Therapy

Here’s what you need…

Tools: Scissors, ruler, glue stick, double stick tape.


  • Glass votive candle holders- these come in a variety of sizes, the ones pictured are 8” and came with candles in them. I replace the candles inside as needed.
  • Paper copies of your favorite photos of your subject- I go to a copy place because my printer ink is water soluble.
  • Paper base big enough to wrap the candle- I usually use an archival paper.
  • Decorative:  paints, pens/pencils, glitter, stickers, papers, foil, tissue, ribbon, washi tape, etc.


  • Paper base- Measure the height and circumference of the pillars and cut the paper shorter than the height, and a little longer than the width/circumference. Test the size by wrapping it, before attaching anything.
  • Attach/glue to the paper base, images and decorate. Layer as much as you want while still being able to bend it.
    You can paint the glass with an acrylic, I sometimes paint the rim.
    Once you have your base decorated, wrap it around the glass to see that the shape is correct.
  • To adhere to the candle- on the back of the paper base, on one of the short sides, place a strip of double stick tape as close to the edge as possible.  
    Carefully attach the taped back to the glass, eyeing and readjusting so it wraps correctly.
    Once all is square, lay the candle on its side with the back of paper exposed like a flap.
    Place a second strip of tape along the remaining inside edge.
    Roll the candle in the paper and secure it.

Light the candle with a loving intention.

All Souls