The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:72

Practical Life

It was a truly gorgeous afternoon today, making up for the dreary morning. We worked outside. I worked mostly on the wetland path while Tom mowed. We use the path a lot in the fall and winter taking our yard waste to a sloppy pile. One of our winter projects will be establishing an official composting area.

I attempted to remove the many spider webs getting uncomfortably close to the various entrances of the house. I also made sauce with the last of the ripe tomatoes and roasted carrot soup for another day. It’s funny how it seems like we don’t do much of anything and then when reflecting on the day, find it wasn’t all just sitting around contemplating.


This morning as I sat to meditate, I was very conscious of my view outside, not that anything unusual was happening. It was dim, cold, and damp. The sun was slow to rise over the trees inching away the shadow across the wetlands. The birds were busy near and far. Even though my intention was to sit quietly and meditate, I immediately wanted to write some thoughts on Tarot. Kitty, who thinks meditation is just about me petting him, had tucked himself in next to me. As soon as I picked up my pencil, he sensed there was competition and took off.

I don’t look at meditation as one specific act of doing the same thing every time. It’s more like a way of acknowledging I’m a consciousness in a physical body, and being present. When I do it, I always have a better day. Often my intention is to sit quietly, calm my mind and imagine the light inside. To get out of my head, as so much of western culture is about mental pursuits. I’m not turning my brain off, just spreading my attention around.

Sometimes I do have a specific intention beyond centering myself. I enjoy connecting with the great mystery that lives through and beyond my physical form. Often my mind wanders and I ask questions.

This morning I asked what is truth? Something we’ve all been thinking about lately. Our experience is directed by our perception of what truth is. And truth is fully dependent on one’s perspective. Then I went on asking, if we can see multiple truths does that strengthen or weaken our perspective? Or if we can only see one truth, does that make it truer? Or when we can hold multiple truths, does the concept of truth become less important? Then I realized my thinking analytical brain had hijacked my meditation. Oh well, part of a successful meditation is to gently bring oneself back to quiet.

Whether or not I feel I’m good at meditation is not the point, it’s that I’m showing up to this moment and my whole being.


Onto our 5-minute meditation following the phases of the Moon.

The waxing Moon is Crescent. On Sunshine Lane, the Moon rises at 12:38 pm 127⁰ SE and sets at 9:02 pm 232⁰ SW.


As the moon continues to wax, imagine it illuminating those clinging thoughts of dis-ease. Stuck like burs, imagine something stickier rolling through and taking them away… or use a flame thrower, rake, hammer… Perhaps ask why I am hanging on to them?
If surrendering or a truce feels better do that. Sometimes just acknowledgment, releases us from its grip.


Our shadow is part of us. It will take all our attention given the chance.
Bring on more light.
The brighter our light, the less shadow there is.


beauty in stillness
dark and light