The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:63

Practical Life

We worked on a bunch of maintenance today, antifreeze in the van, vacuuming the crevasses under the hood, garage cleaning, weeding, slug abatement, mulching… All glamorous work.

Not so practical, I fell into a vat of lazy for a few days. Brining away, occasionally coming up for snacks. I blame it on the weather. I pulled myself together this morning because I had to pick something up at 10am. Otherwise I might still be brining.  It’s a slippery slope, sitting on the couch too early in the day can snowball into a black hole of unconsciousness and lead weighted inertia. I’m better now. And what a beautiful day to celebrate being able to move!


The attached video is a chat from last year with Russell Brand and Brene Brown, I Love these 2. Skip the first 5 minutes. They talk about politics, spirituality and power. Brene asks the question, can any system that is divorced from spirituality work, if the systems are design for people who are inherently spiritual beings? Stating, politics is a transactional economy, devoid of spirituality.

Onto our 5-minute meditation. The Moon is now Crescent.

Meditation prep

As the moon continues to wax, it illuminates more of what is, including those clinging thoughts of dis-ease. Stuck like burs, imagine something stickier rolling through and taking them away… or use a flame thrower, rake, hammer… Perhaps ask why we hang on to them?
If surrendering or a truce feels better do that. Sometimes just acknowledgment, releases us from its grip.


Our shadow is part of us. It will take all our attention given the chance.
Bring on more light.
The brighter our light, the less shadow there is.


beauty in stillness
dark and light