The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:62

Practical life

I just came in from an outdoor fire, the neighbors joined at an appropriate distance. We drank wine and whiskey and I’m feeling it. It feels good to step into another realm and let everything go, not sure why alcohol does this, but am not complaining. I think its therapeutic to imbibe on occasion.

Earlier today we went to the Rainy Day Flora nursery for the first time. A lovely spot, we brought home more living things to care for. We came home and planted. I had to pause and enjoy the bees collecting pollen from the Cranesbill Geranium.

Yesterday we went to an estate sale. It was good to get out of the house and drive around our beautiful Island. Estate sales are fascinating and sobering. Laid out are the things of a person’s life. Sometimes it’s the leftovers, after their loved ones have taken what they want. I usually come home and look at what I can get rid of. I hope when I die, my kids take 5 things each (unless truly practical) and then hire an estate person to deal with the rest. I don’t want my memories to become their burden…

Onto our 5-minute meditation. The Waxing Moon increasing in light moving toward Crescent.


What will we take on our journey? What will we leave behind and release?
We bring our fire, passion, power & wisdom.
We bring all that comes from Love.
Gently thank all we are leaving behind, remembering where we came from with gratitude.


The moon whispers
Kisses the treetops
As we say good night to the day