New Moon

The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:61

Happy New Moon! It’s a good time to set intentions for the coming month or start something new, even if it’s a perspective shift.

I used to think that success was climbing the corporate ladder, or having a PHD, or 50 patents.  In other words, I used to think success was measured externally, defined by culture and the approval of others. I bought it hook line and sinker. My need to belong, to be admired, by a system not of my design led to cognitive dissonance and ultimately depression. I am grateful for my depression because it forced me to go deep into introspection and what wellbeing truly needs.

Onto our 5-minute meditation. The New Moon has moved into Gemini.


We’re on a Hero’s journey, starting something new. Let’s sit in recognition that we are not simple, and that we benefit when we start from Love. With the dark we feel and hear deeply. Listen.

New Moon