The Look of Love

Practical Life

Tom and I went to Bubba Burger, its their opening day for the season and they did not disappoint. We sat in the car while we ate the deliciousness and listened to this Nina Simone remix. We stopped at the country store for tomato cages and quail food before heading home. I thought about cleaning the house but it’s the last day of this lunar cycle and I got caught up in in thoughts of the nothingness of being, cycles and renewal.


The Look of Love

I have long had a burning desire, an angst, to get to the center of the meaning of life, existence, consciousness. The psychological, philosophical and spiritual meaning. The knowing of it.

It’s impossible to think about the knowingness and not think about God or Love. I struggle with the word God because of its ties to religion and abuse of power. Religious wars in the name of God as one example, control of society to serve its power as another.

It’s more comfortable when I separate God from religion. There are as many ideas of what God is as there are people who have lived. They are usually spiritually based. Religion on the other hand is culture. It might start out as a spiritual endeavor although once labeled a religion it’s a cultural system, an institution.

Institutions often have a long death, riddled with exclusivity, strangled by structure, clipping growth. Our own consciousness can experience this too if we don’t actively stretch ourselves. Looking to understand different perspectives is growth. Or even allowing opposite ideas is growth.

Everything has a lifecycle. Birth, life, death, compost, birth… Destruction is necessary for growth.

When looking to know, “Don’t mistake the finger pointing at the moon, for the moon”.  Matching our values, beliefs and actions brings the look of Love.

Onto our 5-minute meditation. The Waning Balsamic Moon moves toward darkness.


There are rich experiences both in both shadow and light. It’s all about actively balancing our existence in the world. Stay aware of the shadow but focus on the light.


The Sun and I are partners gliding across the Sky at different rates.
Tonight we set at the same time.
Gracefully, we set together.

The Look of Love