The Sunshine Observer: SO… V58

Practical Life

All the days are blurring together. Repetition equals blurring.

I planted a few tomatoes indoors and then decided to stagger planting them outside. The ones planted 3 weeks ago are basically the same size as when I planted them. They had been nibbled on by the executioner which likely stunted its growth as well as being exposed to the weather too early. As another experiment, today I planted some in the ground and others in large pots outside to see the further differences in growth. Stay tuned.

Moving on

During my mediation this morning, 3 themes kept popping in, Consciousness, DNA, and the Media.

Starting with the media. A huge part of the media’s role is to keep us engaged. And that happens through emotional connection, good and bad. Very often we see things we can’t believe or are so much on the edge, we’re drawn to keep looking. Good or Bad.

I love synchronicities, I looked at Facebook for a minute before starting to blog and found todays memory of Pinky and his protégé. Here, I am the media, pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior. It’s one thing for an adult to dressed as a questionable character, but another to indoctrinate a child. What other strange or inappropriate behaviors might be happening in this household? The mind wanders. For the protégé, not having a history with debauchery, they think they’re being a funny looking old man for Halloween, just like mom. But the picture might suggest more. Anyway, mainstream media continues to take things from the fringes to keep us engaged. In a sense my exploration of Pinky was to keep me engaged, how far could I go and be tolerated or accepted?

Consciousness: own it. We have 2 options, Love and Fear. Stop wasting time thinking any person, place or condition is in control of what you think or do… So easy to say, so difficult to employ.

DNA, we know so little about it. Scratching the surface with physical stuff for medical purposes, and only because it pays to. Perhaps every experience and thought we have is stored in our DNA, and we pass it along to the next generation with the physical traits.

Onto our 5-minute meditation. The Waning Balsamic Moon moves toward darkness.


The Universe is within us. Feel the power and the glory of our connection to spirit. As we speak from our hearts, we open our minds to the power of the collective love that is the Universe. Today we touch the Universe.
Hear it sing.


Back to a sliver
an opening to the Universe
climb in
rest and sing
I am here for you