The Sunshine Observer: SO… V57

Practical Life

Each morning first thing, I raise the shade and look out into the vegetable garden. Today I saw Peter Rabbit. Channeling Mr. McGregor and a Scottish accent, I chase him out. They’d come in under the gate, I need to fix that.

Things hurt again as I weeded 100 pounds of California poppies out of the garden. One of us thought it was a good idea to plant them because they are so pretty, which they are. And they’re also weeds spreading like wildfire choking out everything else. Guess which one of us likes them best?

Sundays are always fun because we do a family zoom, at first it was just my sibs, then the nieces and nephews started showing up. Each week it’s a different crew. We’re thankful for the technology.

Attached is a work video from 2000. At the time, video conferencing was just for business purposes. Consumer broad band wasn’t prevalent yet. It features Ruby teleconferencing with Grandma (an actress). Back then, a lot of people didn’t think consumers would be interested in being seen in their bathrobes. I disagreed; people are about connection. Also, the resolution is 240 x 320, which pushed the limits of the software we were using to prototype. We’ve come a long way in 20 years.


Onto our 5-minute meditation. Waning Moon is Balsamic.


We are intrepid travelers, chased by shadows. Release any ideas of ideals that keep us in the past.


Look at the bounty we bring forward.
In all things great and small we see the beauty of the divine expression.
Gratitude, always.


We rest in
for our bounty.