Pinky’s Vision

The Sunshine Observer: SO… V56

Practical Life

It’s a rainy day on the lane. Its good to not have to water. I went to the Saturday market for supplies, each week more vegies are available. I love this time of year. I ran into a woman carrying an adorable 8-month-old Wallaby; although walked away wondering why?

Pinky Series

In 2012, Pinky came out again, this time honestly it was because I was depressed and looking for anything that would bring joy. I also thought about how looks are deceiving and what if a character who looked like Pinky could do PSA’s about helping humanity through kindness. Jordan was always up for goofiness, so a mentorship program was born. It was to be a humorous approach but didn’t hit the bar. Attached are Pinky’s Vision and the first of the mentor videos. We did a bunch of short videos too many sucked, so I canned them. Luckily, we had fun making them.


Onto our 5-minute meditation.

Waning moon moves from Last Quarter towards Balsamic.


The dark pushes.
The window is shutting.

It’s OK to leave old ways behind.
Don’t dwell, embrace what you have with gratitude.
Balance from Love.

Pinky’s Vision