The Sunshine Observer: SO… V55

Practical Life

I went through my postcard card collection this morning randomly putting addresses on them. It was fun to think about the places we’ve been. Out in the yard I found an old bird bath that came with the property and set it out for the locals. It’s joyous to watch a bird take a bath.

Pinky Series

Yesterday I dipped into my digital archives and found a series of Pinky Ramirez videos. This is the first in the series: Everyday I see my dream, AKA Sexy and I know it.

A shout out to Ruby who shot all the video for every Pinky shoot. Clearly driving her to be a schoolmarm. A nunnery was a close second, but we’re not Catholic.

Pinky was born in Port Townsend at a garage sale late last century. We were looking for costumes for a talent show and I found a splendiferous spandex onesie. I knew it had to be the base for a guy, thinking Richard Simmons, or a metrosexual from Queens. My brother in law convinced me the latter was the better gag. I remember how puzzled people were, as I stayed in character, always. Many avoided Pinky, he could be creepy.

That same year I wore Pinky to the Ching Fling and a few other events. I was fascinated by people’s responses, especially when I was around those who didn’t know me. At one event, someone said people were taking bets on whether I was a guy or not. At this time, I glued on hair from a wig for his mustache and chest. I remember all the pretty girls under 30 wanted nothing to do with Pinky.

While I enjoyed being a momentary voyeur, I put Pinky in the closet because the newness of the persona wore off.  It started feeling like normal behavior, and while yes there is this Pinky in me, it’s a tiny part, more of a cultural experiment, and for laughs.  

A few years later, I pulled him out again and got my friends in on the gag. We created RMLTD, Real Men Living the Dream. A spoof on LMFAO. Many laughs were had. Then, back in the closet he went.


Onto our 5-minute meditation.

Waning moon moves from Last Quarter towards Balsamic


We go into the heavy thick darkness that weighs us down, that suffers.
Sit with it, don’t criticize.
Allow it to exist, to be.
Through allowing we release its grip.
It won’t be controlled, or it will control us.
Ease comes from seeing all is not light. See its ugliness. Hear it howling.
It too wants Love. Unconditional Love.


Listen, forgive, release, let go, Love.