The Sunshine Observer: SO… V52

Practical Life

Sun, rain, and wind here on Useless Bay today.
I swore I would not dig anymore sod, but it happened. A 2’ x 10’ trench for beans to grow vertically under a small deck. Now things hurt.
We still have 12 resident quail living in the blackberries. We’re waiting for babies. I found a white egg in the lawn, no idea whose it is, looks quail size but not spotted.
Tom bought a 1”x 12”- 4’ long board, it cost $47, WTF. He’s making Ruby a shelf to set across her bath tub to use while she’s tubbing.


Thinking about social media challenges. I tend not to participate. A few weeks ago, I received 4 email requests to send recipes to strangers. I ignored them. I would however be happy to send a recipe to a friend should they ask or send me one. The requests came within 2 days of each other, from people who aren’t connected. This made me think about how quickly things spread. This is good and bad. What if it was bad information? Another reason to question everything.

So, you know how you think about people all the time, but don’t reach out? Yesterday I found myself thinking about a friend, appreciating how they enjoy life at full throttle. I decided to send them a text letting them know. It felt great.


I have one for y’all.  This one tests our bravery to show positive emotions towards others.

The challenge is to connect to people you care about and tell them something you like about them; and here is the clincher, do it privately. Through email, text message or better yet USPS mail. Send one a day. And not to me, cause, well, that would feel weirdly self-serving.
Anyway, like me, you probably have about a million postcards from past trips. Employ them for good will tidings. How to choose who goes first? Throw a bunch of names in a hat and pick one a day. Or take a bunch of cards and put addresses on them and pick one a day to write the personal note.

In a nutshell, I’m asking you to tell people you love them in whatever shape feels right. oxo


Onto our 5-minute meditation.

Waning moon decreasing in light moving toward Third Quarter.


All is mind.
See our oneness with the Universe.
Every thought, feeling, and action reflects the great mystery.
Think big.
We are one.


Wear Love from the inside,
Let it radiate outward bright and transparent.