Fresh Start

The Sunshine Observer: SO… V:4

Feeling muddled. Not like a delicious frosty Mojito, more like a mud pie on spin cycle. So… Here’s a new format for SO, not that there was any format before, but let’s pretend there was so we can feel like some fresh air is being breathed into our stale isolation.

Welcome to new segments on BodyMindSpirit (difficult to separate).

Body: On day 3 of a Mexican casserole here on Sunshine Lane. It’s an easy way to keep our physical distancing.

Mind: Do not underestimate the power of gratitude and humor. They infuse us with optimism. We need optimism.

Spirit: My intention is to share daily, a 5 minute meditation. It will follow the cycle of the Moon. Today is the Aries new Moon, the Sun and Moon are in alignment, a perfect time to start. Perhaps set intentions for the month before you begin.


We’re on a Hero’s journey, starting something new. Let’s sit in recognition that we are not simple, and that we benefit when we start from Love. With the dark we feel and hear deeply. Listen.

Fresh Start