The Self

The Sunshine Observer: V3

But first, a Public Service Announcement: In case you didn’t get the memo, Pepperidge Farm chocolate fudge cake sucks, unless you like souffléd packing peanuts, the cellulose kind. There was very little difference between the cake and frosting, other than the frosting was a bit more of a puree than soufflé. The only thing that resembled a chocolate flavor was the sprinkles, tolerable if you like wax. I still however stand by the coconut cake, perhaps for nostalgic reasons.

And now for something completely different.
I wrote this Thursday, ‎April ‎4, ‎2019 after a meditation and it seems right to share it now.

The Self

All the power that ever was or will be is here now. -Paul Foster Case

There are 2 choices at the root of every thought or action- Love or Fear.
Love expands. Fear contracts.

Our psyche thrives on a high vibration existing from Love. From Love we experience and share- Joy, Compassion, Gratitude and Beauty. This is our platform from which all things are possible, our Heart Center.

Our Higher Self speaks the language of Love.  Existing for the best and highest good. When we’re in alignment, our vibration is High.

Our personal Agency is where we think, receive, and engage with the world. Our Moral Home. From here we ask, does what I’m paying attention to come from a place of Love?

Our relationship with the 3D world is formed through experience and culture. The world exists in extremes, polarities and varying levels of vibration. There is beauty and destruction. Culture introduces us to belief systems.

Our strong desire to belong has us attach to stories and vibrations that may not be our own. They may exist for us at some level, however, how we engage and what we believe will determine their impact on us.

Our Agency and Higher Self partner together for our protection, filtering based on our intentions. This requires a consciousness of continual attention and care to our personal Truth. Again we ask, is our engagement coming from and are we receiving from Love.

Through placing Love and the center of our existence, we have 360 degrees and every dimension from which to engage meaningfully. How the world responds is not our responsibility, as all we can control is ourselves.

Once centered in Love, we may ask, how best to help raise all vibrations around us?

No problem is solved by the consciousness that created it.
– Einstein.


Addendum 3/23/20: The world as we’ve known it has changed. We need to protect ourselves, both physically and psychically. As we see the news of what’s happening around us, try to do so as an observer, keeping our emotions out of it. I don’t say this to be cruel and not care for others who are suffering, but as a temporary bifurcation for our preservation. Worry is very bad for us, the world. We may feel powerless, however we are being Powerful by staying home. This is the best way we can support the world right now and those on the front lines. Please share as much love and humor as possible and stay the fuck home.

The Self