Let We Eat Cake

Sunshine Observer: V2

Last Sunday, the 13th, was Tom’s birthday and since this “we” wasn’t feeling well, and since this “we” is also the only we going to the store these days, we me, did her best and bought a frozen *Pepperidge farm chocolate cake. Every good baker knows that defrosting is a very crucial step in not baking. True most adults now run away from this form of entertainment, but not we me (yet). Alright, dropping “me we” it’s exhausting, everyone cheers.

Digression, as a child, I loved Pepperidge Farm frozen coconut cake, albeit once it became not frozen. The coconut infused devastatingly creamy action-packed sugary goodness, slathered between white cake buns is delectable. I remember watching the box sit on the counter, as it prepared itself for consumption. Yes, this took hours, and soo worth it. The one time it came out of the box to defrost; did not go well.

Why you ask, if one coveteth it so, did one not buy the coconut cake for Toms birthday? The simple answer is we had already consumed an entire coconut cake only 5 days earlier for my birthday. No diabetics yet.

Back to the present. The story gets better, for me/he anyway, because tonight we’re eating cake! For some strange reason, likely pre diabetic symptoms, only one piece of the chocolate cake was dispensed last Sunday, and the rest of the cake has been lying in freezer wait for an entire week. Since we have again circled back, we’re done.

*Addendum: The chocolate cake ended up being truly horrible. Do Not Buy. Coconut only from now on.

Let We Eat Cake