The Sunshine Observer: V1

Welcome to volume 1* of the Sunshine Observer (So).

Why the name you ask? We live on Sunshine Lane of course, and my Dad had a small-town newspaper when I was a tot called the “Northport Observer”. Well, it was first called the “Northport Obserber” because the sign painter didn’t know how to spell. I’m not sure how long the sign was employed, likely longer than the painter. And long enough for my Dad to feel the appropriate amount of humiliation being an new literary agency in the town. So, in honor of my father and these trying times, I thought it might be nice to try some brief distraction on you. Please do point out typos and grammatical errors. It will surely give you a place to vent your- better education than mine, meanwhile not hurting my feelings because I won’t give I hoot. Happy to be of service.

Anywho, welcome to So… volume 1*

It’s been 2 years since Tom and I moved to the country and we are still “learning”.

News flash- Weeds grow in dirt!

Growing up on Long Island I had heard of such things but had no idea of the abundant severity until moving here. Our landscaper did warn us not to go too big with the garden beds unless we immediately fill them, as nature drops from above. And it did. So, my So advice is, be prepared with whatever you plan to plant right next you as you expose the dirt, and toss it right in. Otherwise the weeds will come like an unapologetic rash. Kidding, they will still come. The good news is they offer your much needed time for “inner work” such as rehashing those 6th grade discussions of who was cuter, Donny Osmond or Keith Partridge.
Today I weeded for 3 1/2 hours and spent 30 seconds planting gourd seeds from last years crop. I did discuss one other topic with myself (not sharing).

Note- Do Not Plant Clover unless you want a clover field, and California poppies spread like weeds, which they are, but they’re pretty, but still a bad idea. Don’t plant them unless you like to weed, which brings us full circle. I think we’re done for today.

Nature wins.

* Disclaimer: there may only be 1 volume of So…, or some irregular number or pattern.

The Sunshine Observer: V1