Birthday Wish

Tomorrow is my birthday and for my gift I want the very best for you.
But first, I want a moment of your attention.


Stop. Get out of your head.

Take a deep breath, bring your focus inward, say hello to yourself. Feel your aliveness. Imagine sending Love to every cell and creating a chain reaction spreading Joy. Now, find your heart center, your moral core and invite Love in.

All of us with tough armor/egos are probably rolling our eyes now. But wait. What if we knew we could be loved, no matter what? How would we react? Are we tough enough to accept and give Love?

Yes, we are.

Let’s be bad ass Love yielding tough guys. Love warriors, sending Love bombs, slinging flaming Love arrows, and burning down the shit that does not matter. And for crying out loud, listen to each other. Others with varying points of view are not the enemy.

The thing is, we’re all connected, we are one. If there is no you, there is no me. So my wanting the very best for you is self-serving. The only way I know how to give and get the very best is through Love.

Be tough enough to Love indiscriminately. Start by giving a dam and Loving yourself.

I look forward to receiving your gifts.

Birthday Wish