I spend between January first and the Lunar New Year dreaming about my intentions for the coming year. Along with that, I rethink my “principals of life”. The principals usually explore the spiritual theme – when we Love ourselves first, we encounter the world from Love.

Current manifesto…

We are each an individual expression of the furnace of creation. Each with a different consciousness of our existence. We decide our story. How we think and feel about everything we encounter. We are only bound by our imagination.

Our attention is the thread of our power. When we start from Love unbound by culture and what others think our story is beautiful, with no shadow, no opposition.

In our desire to belong, belong to those who bring us Joy and when we sing together from Love our power will be amplified.

2020 Intentions

Be an ambassador of Good Will.

Be Present …….. Show up to Now

Pay attention to thoughts and actions……… Think well of others

Start from Love ……… Speak, Think, Act, from LOVE

Release from Love ………. Always

(These are closely related to the 4 fold way: Show Up – Pay Attention – Speak Your Truth – Release Attachment to Outcome)

Happy Lunar New year! Year of the Metal Rat.