Dear Friends-

We have a problem. Social media can be as wicked as wildfire. Our need to stay connected has us sharing memes and media that either promotes negativity toward other humans or confirms our biases. We do this without investigation or thinking about the causal effects.

Recently a viral video showed of a group of *teenagers at a rally in what appeared to be a stand off with a Native American man who was drumming. From one angle the teenagers appeared to be assholes. I was ready to get in line with the finger wagging. Although as I investigated, I quickly found the video didn’t show the complexity of the situation. Then I realized, regardless of the particular behavior of the participants, these are children, and we are putting hate on kids… Why wasn’t this my first thought?

We are so hungry to blame, we don’t care who we’re putting in harm’s way. We are losing ourselves, our dignity, by becoming divided hive minds.
Our biases thrive on adding adjectives to:
People who wear MAGA hats are…
Native Americans are…
Black Hebrew Israelites are…

Please, please, please, think before you share, and share from Love, with media that contributes positively to society, whether it be Art, solving problems, or spreading Love.

I Love you. Don’t be an asshole, I Love you.

*There was so much hatred spewed at the kids they’ve received death threats.
Unthinking behavior leads to children in cages.

Dear Friends-