Anything of value requires continual attention and care.

Start a movement.... Photo credit: Ruby Sparks
Start a movement.

The day after the election I couldn’t get off the couch. I was devastated by the desperation for change that half my countrymen have, and the resulting election. The day after that I blamed those of us in our self-entitled liberal bubbles; for not knowing and caring for our rural neighbors.

Of late, I realize it’s a complicated mess and finger wagging is meeting this catastrophe with the same energy that created it. I’m ready to move forward. Starting with affirming what I value, my vision of the world I want to live in, and where I can effect change.

This is a working draft of my vision and living principles…

Vision: A joyous and compassionate world. To benefit society through conscious actions in support of social accountability.

*Daily Affirmations: With the awareness that I can only control myself; how I receive the world and what I give, I endeavor to always start from love and to:

  • Love myself first so I can greet the world from a place of love.
  • Show up; be present to the moment and circumstance.
  • Pay attention; listen, see, and feel without judgement. See where there is love.
  • Speak my truth; praise what is right, guide what is not. It is not my job to scold, smite, or bear false witness. (This is hard for my ego) (I am usually right) (See, I can’t yet let it go)
  • Humor is important to the process of letting go.
  • Seek the power of the conscsious collective; together we are unstoppable.
  • Don’t attach to outcome; as I can only control myself.

From here I will find solutions to unite my fellow countrymen, end divides, to be kind and compassionate. I look forward with curiosity to the new friends I will make.

oxo flora

*I borrowed heavily from the wisdom of the Fourfold Way by Angelis Arrien