Being human isn’t easy. Few people appear to glide through life without physical, emotional or spiritual issue. For most of us, our wellbeing is dependent on a balance of systems, methods and luck, each changes throughout our lives and each is influenced by the other. The ones I find myself pondering the most are, our…

  • Genes and DNA- the kit we are born with, our building blocks for physical and biological potential.
  • Environment- including the way we were raised, diet/supplements/chemicals, technology, education, exercise, clothing, work, culture, community…
  • Personal beliefs- how we view ourselves and humanity, our contribution and personal practices as well as our mental constructs. Our innate need to belong has us subscribe to belief systems that mold our thinking. Lest we forget, we make up culture and what we choose to be certain of.
  • Life stage- at different phases of our lives we want and are capable of different things. Sometimes we want to ride the dragons…be the dragons…slay all the dragons…watch dragons being slayed…or don’t give a shit about dragons.
  • Chemistry- everything we do relies on neurons communicating with one another in the brain by sending chemical or electrical messages. If there is a miscommunication, we may feel or be a putt away from the abyss.

Circumstance is also a factor- being in the right place at the wrong/right time for that bus, disease, lottery, war…

Even though some areas of wellbeing are out of our control, we are learning more everyday about how each of these systems work. Technology is playing a large role in helping our understanding and finding solutions. Technology has also put us in an experimental petri-dish as our drive for new discoveries continues to change our relationship with the world and each other.

Wellbeing takes discipline, consciousness and Luck. Be well!


This was adapted from an earlier story Positively Depressed.