Top 10 Yays for 2016


It’s time to shift things from Nay to Yay!  Let’s celebrate what’s right and spread the love.
The top best things about our 2016 society are:

  1. Connection::: and access to loved ones, information, art, culture, music, science across the globe (and skies) in real-time… brings joy.
  2. Globalization::: seeing and experiencing other cultures, lifestyles and perspectives. The diversity of the world is so darned interesting.
  3. Conversations::: we are having conversations about tough and once taboo topics. While many are heated, we are at the very least acknowledging them.
  4. Empowerment::: with focus, resources and drive, almost anything seems possible.
  5. Collaboration::: genius creators are putting their talents together to build a beautiful future.
  6. Community::: there are endless communities to engage with, become part of, and enjoy.
  7. Sciences::: advancements have us understanding more about nature, space, time, and being human.
  8. Technology::: innovations enable us to make and do just about anything (in any size, anywhere).
  9. The Cuteness::: with all the animal and kid videos to enjoy.
  10. Autonomy::: we are questioning authority, untethering from old belief systems and making informed independent decisions.

Yeah, it’s US centric- cause that’s where I live. I would have liked to put #10 higher on the list, although this great trend is still forming…

This list is updated from last year.

Top 10 Yays for 2016