Top 10 Nays for 2016

rustyMy current top 10 list for the US’ societal problems.

  1. Engagement::: We have the technology to solve most of society’s big problems. We’re missing the will to engage; due in some part to narcotizing dysfunction.
  2. Our Environment::: Climate change, global warming, pollution, destruction of natural habitats, diminishing resources… exasperated by politics. Only Four in ten Americans think the people can convince Congress to pass legislation to reduce global warming. Here is one obstacle.
  3. Culture::: We are media driven, driving us to want and have more. It also divides us and encourages an “us vs them” outraged mentality. In example…
    1. Trump::: We have manifested a sexist rude charade for president.
    2. Misnomers::: For example feminism and patriotism. The first example is often used as a hateful statement. The second is often used in defiance against an opposing view, claiming exclusivity in their love for our country.
    3. Access:: Our 24/7 access to digital life and non-life, obscures our focus and diverts our attention from the physical here and now.
    4. These are learned beliefs and behaviors; please unlearn them.
  4. Inequality::: Civil rights, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration, income, lifestyle consumption, poverty, race, reproductive rights, sexual orientation, wealth…
  5. Healthcare::: Cost, access, for profit systems… Don’t care for our ill.
  6. Education::: Archaic systems, cultural irrelevancy, accessibility, differing expectations…
  7. Homelessness::: It’s plain Sad, Sad, Sad.
  8. Overpopulation:: Too many people eating up too few resources.
  9. Fear::: Fear is a strategy and tactic. Fear takes us off course.
  10. Humans::: The majority of society’s problems are human made. We can be loving, generous, genius creators and also selfish, stubborn, lazy destroyers all in the same breath. We struggle with  balancing our conflicting nature. We’re not all bad or all good, we’re flawed. Our need to belong has us align with belief systems and social structures that struggle in our newly global ever changing world. This too has divided us and conflicts with our agency in the world.

This list is clearly focused on our human flaws and in the weeds for some of them.

What are your top 10?

The list from last year.

p.s.- Be both a feminist and patriot.


Top 10 Nays for 2016