mystery school

I am about experiences and have always been fascinated by the wisdom and practices of metaphysic and esoteric beliefs systems driven by love.

In January I completed a 10 month course on “The Tree of Life: Exploring Personal Alchemy through Hermetic Qabalah, Astrology, and Tarot”. It was fabulous. I loved how this woo-woo course folded interrelated philosophies and practices into daily life experiences.

Below are images of the notes I took per Sephira (attribute on the tree). We started with 10 and worked our way back to 1.

10: Malkuth

9: Yesod8: Hod7: Netzach6: Tipareth

5: Geburah 4: Chesed

3: Binah

2: Chokmah1: Kether

In 2013 I took the Sacred Number course studying numbers in all aspects of life i.e. – math, nature, culture and spirituality.
I highly recommend the The Mystery School .

mystery school