profit: a manifesto


Subject: I see the future too
Time: Now

Dear Leadership,

Future profiting businesses will include social accountability at their center. The forcing function- evolution happened. Sometime in the last 10 or so years we crossed a threshold where amazement for the future turned to expectation for the present. This was driven mostly by technological innovations.

The ability to have connection to our social networks wherever we are has changed our relationship with work and each other. We have new dependencies that have us reevaluating what matters and redefining our needs in both our personal and professional lives as the evolution continues.

At first our relationship with the amazing present was all about keeping up with trends; having the latest and greatest gave us desired status.

We’ve matured a bit and technology is no longer just a means to an end, it is an integral partnership. This partnership empowers us with potential and has us reeling from the cascading effects of seemingly unlimited information, innovations and choice.

Ultimately we are social before we are business people. Our new empowerment guides us to align with like-minded businesses* as we continue to be more impressed by meaningful work rather than status.  Meaningful work comes from the clarity of knowing what is valued and acting in accordance. Addressing and improving the problems of our world through our work is part of that action.

Improving the world isn’t just about putting out great products; it’s also about how we engage with each other and the greater world as we create. By placing social accountability at the center of our business strategies we have 360 degrees from which to engage the world meaningfully.
From here we profit.

“Work is love made visible.”- Kahlil Gibran

I look forward to our future collaborations.

*Note- The Haas business school investment fund has achieved a 50% return over six year through socially responsible investing.

profit: a manifesto