Oh no, you shouldn’t share that, people might think you’re human and we wouldn’t want that…

My intention with this blog is be respectfully honest while painting an accurate picture of my sentiments and *experiences.

The site as a whole should speak for itself. If potential collaborators don’t find an overall net positive with what they find, we are not likely meant for each other.

I’m interested in the boundaries and intersections of our work/life balance. There was a time not so long ago when our work and private lives were separated by 8 hour blocks of time. Does anyone even have a private life anymore? “Private” has been replaced with “Social”. And because we are continually connected we have only moments of separation between our work and social lives.

It’s 2013 and it’s not business as usual, breaking free from old patterns of thinking and archaic social behaviors are part of our brave new world.

*Shit and stupidity happen, i.e.: depression and rum on a roof at 19.