getting personal

For the last month the digital waves have been agog with Google Glass.

Glass has the potential to change society as many preceding technologies have, although with this one we’re getting very personal.

We hear a lot about technology becoming seamless in the future and adapting to our environments. Yet so far all that is seamless is our connection to all things digital with us having to adapt to the technology that connects us.

The adaptation in this case will address our primal instincts associated with being either predator or prey. There is an intimacy that occurs when looking people in the eyes. It implies trust or domination /submission.

How the wearer will respond to the attention they will surely get? They may not be lovingly received. Those on the other side of Glass may feel like prey putting the wearer in the spot light.

There will likely be a very uncomfortable period of adjustment for wearers who aren’t sociopaths.  It’s one thing to flaunt the coolest new phone; it’s another to wear it on your face. With a phone you can avoid eye contact gracefully. With glasses your aversion will be clear.

I suppose on the flipside the wearer can visualize everyone in their underwear when confronted…

Does Glass have value? Yes, especially for business. Although beware of and prepare for the costs. An interesting read Thirty-five arguments against Google Glass outlines some potential costs.

My favorite argument is #35:  It could attempt to erase people in need from existence, as well as serious problems that we cannot ignore.

getting personal