story house for humanity

What if we built a story house for humanity that would bring together the young and old to tell their stories? Sharing their wisdom and what they hope for humanity. Multi-generational leaders from different disciplines and cultures coming together using diverse storytelling formats.

The younger generations would help the elders tell their stories. The elders would share their story as the younger would manifest the wisdom in an expressive resonant form. Inspired by the wisdom the younger people would voice some identity, motivation, or action that complements the story. In turn, the elders would help the younger generation tell their stories in formats resonate with the elders.

Connections would be made between shared wisdom, vision and cultures.

The story house might have individual floors dedicated to a storytelling art form for example: Green scapes; Multimedia; Interactive and sensorial experience; Written word; and Visual arts.

Story house for humanity would embody mutual respect, with a goal of invoking: Meaning, Belonging, Curiosity, and Compassion

story house for humanity